• Why Does the Ejector Stress Mark Occur During Injection Tooling Moulding?
    • 2021-11-15

    When molding a plastic injection tooling, there is a problem that often plagues the producer, that is, the injection molded part will have the ejector stress mark. Generally, there are two kinds of phenomena, one is slightly mark, that is, under the fluorescent lamp, the product and the human eye can only be seen at an angle of 45 degrees. If this happens, is this plastic case not usable? This dep...

  • Selection Of Standard Mold Base Steel in Injection Mold Making
    • 2021-11-15

    How to select the standard mold base steel as a custom plastic injection molds vendor? As we all know, to choose the right mold base saves time and helps to improve mold life. The stamping die has a stamped mold base, and the injection mold has a mold base for the injection mold. In the mold industry park, there are generally local mold base factories and large-scale national mold b...

  • Design of Injection Mould for Plastic Gear Based on UGNX
    • 2021-11-15

    In view of the shrinkage and deformation of the gear and the unrequired precision of the gear shaft hole during the injection molding of the plastic gear, the optimized design of the gating system, the demolding mechanism and the cooling method are used to produce the precision plastic gear that meets the requirements, thereby improving the gear’s performance. performance. 1. With the rapid d...

  • Why Choose Lyter Engineering Ltd As Your Mould Partner?
    • 2021-11-15

    √ With us, you can save time and money. We are factory, to work with us can avoid the trader commission √Our engineering team has extensive industry experience and project management skills, as well as good technical English and efficient communication. √Fully meet your quality standards, all mold components for export molds are manufactured in accordance with DME, HASCO standards, such as guide p...

  • The Difference Between Die Casting Molds & Plastic Injection Molds
    • 2021-11-15

    The difference between die-casting molds and plastic injection molds Plastic mold is an abbreviation for a combined plastic mold like compression molding, extrusion molding, injection molding, blow molding and low foam molding. The die-casting mold is a method of casting liquid die forging, a process performed on a dedicated die-casting die forging machine. The difference between pl...

  • How To Set the Exhaust Groove in the Injection Mold Reasonably
    • 2021-12-10

    During Injection Molding, there will not be much molten material in the vent hole, because the molten material will cool and solidify at the place to block the channel. The opening position of the exhaust port should not be facing the operator to prevent accidental spraying of molten material and hurting people. The clearance between the ejector rod and the ejector hole, the clearance between...

  • The Top 10 Factors that Affect Injection Mold Quality
    • 2021-12-23

    Mold Makingis a complex process, from design, cutting, assembly, debugging and other steps to the final actual use. In the entire life cycle, the factors that affect mold quality mainly include the following 10 aspects. 01 Mould Steel Steel is the decisive factor of mold quality, and choosing a reasonable steel is the top priority. The criteria for selecting steel are: ①Requirements for injec...

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