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Why Choose Lyter Engineering Ltd As Your Mould Partner?

Why Choose Lyter Engineering Ltd As Your Mould Partner?

  • 2021-11-15
√ With us, you can save time and money. We are factory, to work with us can avoid the trader commission

√Our engineering team has extensive industry experience and project management skills, as well as good technical English and efficient communication.

√Fully meet your quality standards, all mold components for export molds are manufactured in accordance with DME, HASCO standards, such as guide pins, bushings, thimbles or according to customer requirements.

√Sign a non-disclosure agreement (Non-Disclosure Agreement) document to protect your project information and we will never share your data with any other third party.

√DFM (design for manufacturability ) analysis of each part and identification of potential risk issues (part design and mold problems) prior to mold design and manufacturing

√According to the customer's 2D drawings, all molds are accompanied by a steel certificate, heat treatment certification, mold test parameters and full-scale measurement report.

√We have over 20 years experience on mold design, Injection mould making, Two-color mold, Die Casting, Injection molding Manufacturing

√Always feedback to our customers in a timely manner and communicate as quickly as the local suppliers

√Various types of product services, including automotive injection molds and molding, household appliances, industrial molds and fixtures, medical molds and molding, pad printing, silk printing, painting, etc.

Lyter Engineering Ltd. has been cooperated with many customers on the Injection mold project, which occupy in different industries like Automotive, Aerospace, Machinery, Appliance,

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