What Will Affect the Cost of CNC Machining Parts?

  • Nov 09,2021
1. Material

Some materials are more difficult to process than others, and some materials are more expensive than other raw materials, both factors will increase the processing cost.

2. Dimensions of the CNC Machining Parts

Without any doubt, the size and overall geometry of the parts are important factors that will affect the cost for the CNC machining part. Obviously, the larger the product, the more material is required. Besides, the more complex the geometric design is, the higher the cost of manufacturing will be.

3. Requirement for CNC Machining and Manufacturing Equipment

Equipment types and quantity also have an important influence on the CNC machining costs.

4. Processing other than CNC machining

Many CNC machining products require additional processing, such as heat treatment, special processing operations, surface treatment and professional coating. All of them will increase the total cost, so we should carefully evaluate whether it is necessary and worthy of doing so.

5. The price of working hours in the market
Different factory location and area has big difference on the working hours and labor costs.

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