What Software Do You Use for Mold Design?

  • Nov 08,2021

Lots of software are suitable for mold design, such as UG, Pro/Engineer, AutoCAD, Cimatron, PowerMill Hypermill, Solidworks, WORKNC, Solid Edge, CATIA, etc.

For simple molds, CAD software is fast and easy to use; for molds with a messy structure and more curved surfaces, Pro-E, UG, Mastercam, Solidworks are good choices. Pro-E or UG is commonly used in drawings and production. Each software has its own characteristics. The important factor for choose is which one the mold designer is better at or prefers to use.

At Lyter Engineering, for 3D software we used UG and for 2D software we use AutoCAD. We can provide full 3d tool design for customer review.

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