What Factors Will Affect the Precision of CNC Machining Parts?

  • Oct 28,2021

1. Position Mismatch in CNC Machine Tool processing

Position mismatch means the amount of change or deviation between the actual surface, axis or symmetry plane of the processed part relative to its ideal position, such as perpendicularity, position, symmetry, etc. Usually, the position mismatch in CNC machine tool processing refers to the dead zone mismatch. The cause of the position mismatch is mainly due to the gap and elastic deformation generated during the transmission of the machine tool parts during the processing, and the tool head of the machine tool needs to overcome the friction force during the processing factors.

2. Geometric Tolerance

In CNC machine tool processing, because of the influence of external forces and heat generated by the tool and fixture under the influence of external factors, such as the heat generated during processing, the geometric accuracy of the machine tool is affected.

3. Machine Positioning

Machine tool positioning has a great influence on the machining accuracy of CNC machine tools. From the structural point of view, the machining errors of CNC machine tools are mostly caused by positioning accuracy. Among them, the feed system of the machine tool is the main link that affects positioning accuracy. The feed system of a CNC machine tool usually consists of two parts: a mechanical transmission system and an electrical control system. The positioning accuracy is related to the mechanical transmission system in the structural design.

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