Our Characteristics of Mold Manufacturing?

  • Oct 22,2021

What are the characteristics of Mold Manufacturing?

There are several characteristics of mold manufacturing. Here are some of them for your information.
1.Mold manufacturing belongs to single-piece, multi-variety production. Each mold can only produce a single product, and the mold is generally not universal.

2.Customers require a short mold manufacturing cycle.

3.Complete set of mold manufacturing.

4.The precision of the mold is high, and the precision depends on the precision of the machine tool, processing technology, and measurement methods.

5.In the mold manufacturing process arrangement, the process is relatively concentrated to ensure the quality and progress of mold processing, simplify management, and reduce process turnaround time.

6.Mold working parts have complex shapes, high material hardness, heat treatment needs to be arranged in the mold manufacturing process.

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