How many Types for Mold Manufacturing?

  • Oct 26,2021

How many types for Mold Manufacturing?

There are various types of molds for mold manufacturing. And the most common types are 2 plate mold, 3 plate mold/pin-point gate mold, hot runner manifold mold, thoroughly harden mold, and pre-hardened mold.
1)The two-platen mold, also known as the single parting surface mold, is the simplest type of injection mold. It divides the entire mold into two parts based on the parting surface: Moving mold and fixed mold. Part of the cavity is in the moving mold; part of the cavity is in the fixed mold. The main runner is in the fixed mold; the runner is located on the parting surface. After the mold is opened, the product and the runner remain in the moving mold, and the moving mold Some have an ejection system. Here is an image for your reference.

2)There are two parting surfaces that divide the mold into three parts, and a gate plate is added to the two-plate mold. This kind of mold uses a pointed gate, so it is called a pin-point gate mold.

3)With the help of a heating device, the plastic in the injection system will not solidify and will not be demolded with the product, so it is also called a non-runner mold.

4)The steel used in the inner mold part needs to be heat treated (such as quenching) after being purchased to meet the requirements of use, such an injection mold is called a hard mold.

5)The steel used in the inner mold part does not need to be heat-treated after purchasing, and it can meet the requirements of use. Such an injection mold is called a soft mold.

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