Heat Treatment Technology for Mold Manufacturing?

  • Oct 22,2021

What is the common heat treatment technology for Mold Manufacturing?

According to the working conditions of the mold manufacturing, the mold can be divided into two types: cold work mold and hot work mold, and the heat treatment process is slightly different.
1.Cold work dies: It requires high hardness, high wear resistance, and certain toughness, so this type of die steel often contains high carbon content. Therefore, pre-heat treatment after forging and final heat treatment after machining is required. The usual heat treatment process is Spheroidizing annealing, quenching + low-temperature tempering, sometimes chemical heat treatment is required, such as carburizing, nitriding, carbonitriding, etc., surface quenching, stress relief annealing, and individual precision molds also need to be stabilized tempering or supplementary tempering.

2. Hot working die: Since the processing object is often the steel heated to the austenitic state, it needs a certain degree of hardness and high wear resistance. Due to forging, it needs high impact toughness. Therefore, this type of steel is often medium for carbon steel and medium carbon alloy steel, the heat treatment process commonly used is quenching and tempering process or quenching + high-temperature tempering, and sometimes spheroidizing annealing is also required.

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