What Are the Acceptance Criteria for the Die Casting Mold?

  • Oct 27,2021

1) Appearance inspection

Mold label and details are finished correctly, should include basic information such as mold number, press model, punch diameter, moving and fixed mold weight, supplier information etc. The identification of different numbers are clear and complete; the appearance is clean and no visible marks.

2)Dimension check

Check all dimensions to guarantee successful installation with the nominated machine.

3)Inspection of mold material and heat treatment hardness, and provide the material certificate and heat treatment report.

4)Ensure that the fit clearance of each movable part meets the customer’s technical requirements.

5)The critical dimensions of the casting are all qualified based on the tolerance requirements of the technical drawing.

6)Parting surface cooperates with coloring inspection to guarantee reliable mold sealing.

7)The lifting screw holes of all parts are complete and the lifting is off balance.

8)Check the pressure of the cooling water circuit to be without leakage.

9)Check the slag discharge and drainage holes under the slider.

10)The quick-change plug of the pin is complete and reliable, and confirm the trace of the ejector pin is in line with the requirements of the drawing.

11) Check whether the wearing parts are complete and the serial number is complete and correct.

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