Sodick Wire Cutting Machines In House

  • Sep 10,2021
We are very glad to announce that we equipped the Japan Sodick wire cutting machine AG400L in house. 

On the basis of its manufacturing philosophy, Sodick supports various manufacturing processes, including: CAD/CAM product design for mold processing, electrical discharge machining of mold parts, high-speed milling centers, electron beam finishing (especially electronic Bundle PIKA surface processing equipment (EBM) and injection molding processing and linear processing technology. With the world's leading technology, Sodick can provide customers with the best production solutions.

Sodick AG400L/AG600L is driven by a 4-axis linear motor to realize high-speed, high-precision, and wide-range processing
Driven by a 4-axis linear motor, not only high-speed and high-precision machining is achieved, but also the stroke expansion of the XYZ axis and the UV axis can improve the processing area and wide-range taper control.

Sodick AG400L/AG600L's anti-rust/anti-corrosion performance is improved, and the step processing performance is improved
This option is used to suppress rust, corrosion, and coloring on the workpiece during water immersion processing/working fluid placement. In Rust-less, for the first time in the industry, it has achieved effects on both iron-based workpieces and superhard workpieces. It is an option for high-precision and high-efficiency wire cutting in workpieces with varying thickness or round holes.

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