Mould Standy By For Shipment

  • Oct 16,2020

Sea and air freight options offered where the tool has been made for overseas customers.

Completed molds are splayed and stored in certain area with good ventilation to avoid rusting before delivery.

Use wooden crates or metal containers to pack the mold.

Put molding parameters sheet and a video disc (including 2D/3D mold drawings, molding parameters, certifications of steel and heat treatment, hot runner drawings etc.) into containers for mold package. Paste label on outside of the container, client name, part name, mold No. etc will be marked on the label.

Arrange sea or air freight through our reliable and competitive forwarder or assigned by clients.

  • 2+ Hours Continuous Production Trial
  • 5+ Minutes Video for Tool Run
  • FAI+CPK + PPAP + Flow Chart + Control Plan + Injection Parameter
  • Mold Final Check-Clean-Get Oiled Electrodes +Steel Certificates +Heat Treatment Certification +Hot Runner ect. All Info  Recorded

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