Lyter Engineering is a very organized and responsible mold making company. We will create a clear project management plan and ensure that you are kept informed about your project at every stage of the process.

From Initial contact, RFQ, PO to delivery, we have a standard management system for each step, aim to serve customers better with efficient communication and good process control.

1) DFM (Design for Manufacture)

Once the project is kick off, we will make a DFM report based on the latest 3D part drawings.

The design for manufacture report in plastic injection mould industry is made to find the potential issues from part manufacturability and reliability aspects. We provide suggestions from manufacturing perspective.

We confirm the resin shrinkage, show PL, Layout, point out thin steel, draft angle, mismatch etc and find solutions.

2) 3D Tooling Design

It normally takes 3-4 working days to finish the 3d tooling design from the DFM approval.

3) Weekly Status Report

There is no meaningless to just keep oral promise for on-time delivery, we break down them to each detailed process control.

After the 3D tooling design been approved for cutting by customer, we will make an overview timeline chart that include all steps of manufacturing and their lead time.

As you can see there are 3 colors in the Mold Process Schedule Sheet, Blue, Green, Yellow. As it's marked at the right top of the sheet, the blue stands for Estimate Schedule, the green stands for Actual Status, the Yellow stands for finished Procedure. We made this schedule list upon design approval, so customer can have a comprehensive review on the project timing. Moreover, we will update this Mold Process Schedule list to our customers once or twice a week with the latest manufacturing pictures, depends on the actual manufacturing process.

4) Mold Trial Report

After all the efforts and hard working, it is excite moment to test the molds. When we do the mold trial, we make sure to keep the mold running for at least 2 hours continuously under the stable injection parameter.

Our trial report include a 5-minute mold run video with full cycle time, first articles inspection report, injection parameter, parts issues and improvement suggestions etc.

To find out more, please feel free to contact us.

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