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Why the Price of Precision Plastic Injection Mold Differ Among Different Suppliers?

Why the Price of Precision Plastic Injection Mold Differ Among Different Suppliers?

  • 2021-11-15

Why Precision Plastic Injection Mold Prices Differ Among Different Suppliers?

This may confuse many of our friends when searching for the precision plastic molds making sources. For someone who understand the mold processing it can be understandable, however for the people who is not familiar with the processing, it is rather than a trouble, how to evaluate, what are the reasons that make the prices differences?  Except the equipment cost, whats the other factor that cause mold cost high? In the following, as a reliable tooling design and manufacturer, Lyter Engineering Ltd will analysis the reasons.

1. The lead time is normally longer than any other manufacturing, to make the molds more precisely, the plastic injection mould makers need to pay attention on lots of the details, that requests much more time and energy, so the costs become high accordingly.

2. The precision mold making has many processes, need enough employees, have to buy quality standard components, and in order to ensure the mold running successful, the company need to trail several times.

3. It requires experienced skill of tooling design, the runner consideration, the mold flow analysis. If the mold is not designed properly, the following issues will happen. Sometimes has the risks to remake a new mold if the mold trial failed.

4. The sets quantity of mold need to be decided according to the parts, sometimes the plastics parts look very simple, however need two or three sets of tools to get it produced. Finally the mold cost become very high, for customers, it is hard to accept.

For the same product, send RFQs to ten mold manufacture company, we believe there can get ten different prices and solutions. Some of them even have large gap between each other. So what we have to do is, know better about own product, the key needs, the quality, the target price, the lead time, the service, then decided the most appropriate mold shop

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