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Precision Plastic Injection Mold Customization Process

Precision Plastic Injection Mold Customization Process

  • 2021-11-15

Precision Plastic Injection Mold Customization Process

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With the rapid advancement of Intelligent machinery, China manufacturing is now closer to the developed countries of the world, with the high-efficiency and low-cost world as the world factory, China's manufacturing has also been preferred and recognized by all countries. In recent years, China's precision plastic injection mold export is extremely hot. Compared with the domestic orders, what is the difference between the precision injection mold customization process? The following small series will tell you about the customization process of Lyter Engineering as an ISO 9001 Certified Precision Injection Mold Supplier.

1. About the RFQ

If you send us RFQ, you need to provide the following information, the 3D and 2D part data, 3D can be stp, igs or x_t format, 2D can be dwg, dxf or pdf format. we can provide you with a reasonable quotation within 2 days.

Tell us the cavity number, the resin type, the mold life, and the surface requirements of the product. If you need to specify the steel, please let us know, or we can choose the right steel according to the information you provided.

While quoting, we have a dedicated engineering team to provide customers with pre-engineering technical analysis.

2. About the order

After we both reach the agreement , we can sign a cooperation contract.

We accept the official order by email or fax

3. About the project management system

Upon receipt of your official order, we will assign a professional English-speaking project engineer to be responsible for your project.

The specific project management process of precision injection mold is as follows

1) Firstly, the kick off part drawings will be analyzed, including DFM, mold structure analysis, mold flow analysis and so on. Through analysis, if we find that the product design is defective, we will submit our suggestions to you as soon as possible or we can modify the drawings to confirm.

2) Then we will design the 2D mold design, usually it takes 2-7 days. Then we will spend some time to do the internal reviews and modifications before sending the model to customer

3) After customer receive the 2D model, they will give us feedback, we will modify the template according to the modification until the final approval from the customer.

4) After receiving the final approval, we will start to order steel. At the same time we will make the full 3D tooling design

5) It takes about 2-7 days to complete the 3D model design.

6) After the 3D design is completed, the CNC programming will be performed immediately. At the same time, all components 3D drawings will be converted into 2D drawings, and the dimensions will be marked. The workshop workers will process the parts according to the 2D drawing.

The QC department will also inspect the parts according to the 2D parts drawings.

7) We will provide the mold processing schedule to customers within two days after the mold design approval, and will update the schedule and progress picture and report to the customer every Monday.

8) During T1, We will record the mold trial parameters, at least one cycle time trial video and trail pictures. After the test, we will send you a sample and will provide with a sample test report within 3 days before customer receive the parts.

9) After the T1, our mold trial engineer will perform the first test on the mold according to the confirmed mold design. At the same time, we will improve the mold according to our internal review and customer feedback on the samples. Then do the T2 if necessary.

10) After samples approval, if the mold will stay in our factory for production, we will take care of the mold and wait for customers production order. If the mold needs to be exported, we will re-test the mold according to the design to make sure everything are OK. After the inspection, the mold will be arranged for trial production for continuously 4-6 hours to ensure the mold is running OK under production conditions.

11) In order to save the customer time from cleaning the mold after receiving the mold, we clean the mold and spray the colorless W40 anti-rust oil, then vacuum-pack the mold.

12) For mold delivery, we will provide the following files to the customer: steel specification of the mold base and cavity core side; heat treatment report (if it is hardened steel); print a 2D mold design with A1 paper; CD with 2d and 3d data of the mold, one final mold trial report; one final sample test report, mold user manual.

13) For molds which will leave in our factory for production, we will strictly follow the production requirements of ISO 9001 quality system according to customer production requirements.

It is not easy to purchase across the ocean, therefore, the quality of export products needs to have higher quality standards. Naturally, our precision injection mold manufacturing enterprises must pay more attention to the quality of the molds, and ensure that the molds can be produced as expected after the molds are moved to our foreign customers. By avoiding major potential problems, quality is the cornerstone of business development, and it is also life. These are the ones that are tightly held in mold suppliers hands and must be checked at every level of the manufacturing process.

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