Lyter Engineering Limited is a precision tool engineering and toolmaking company with a very clear objective - designing and manufacturing performance tooling.

Based Shen Zhen City, Guandong Province, South China, we mainly serve customers from Europe, North America, and Australia.

We were founded in 2011, started as an injection mold engineering team and work shop, the team member includes experienced product and mold design engineers, as well as mold making technicians with excellent craftsmanship, 75% of our workers in mold shop are journeyman.

With years of mold manufacturing and cooperation with reputational companies, such as GE, Whirlpool, Honda etc. from automotive and appliances industry, the company now has developed an effective management system to bring our values and expertise to meet customers satisfaction.

Over 10 years of development, Lyter Engineering has set its mold standards and strict mold manufacturing process. Each mold is run as project management and up by a particularly experienced engineer. Moreover, the 6S management system has been adopted for many years.

Lyter is also ISO9001 2015 certified.

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